Buying Real Estate Taxes – Invest in Tax Property and Triple Your Income

If you’re considering buying real estate taxes in the form of a tax lien, you may want to consider switching up your strategy and buying property directly from owners instead. You can often do this with as little risk as buying real estate taxes, and without having to wait long periods of time to see the return on your money. Plus, the income potential is 1000-2000% higher, and that number is nothing to sneeze at.Buying real estate taxes isn’t without its risks, by the way. You could end up owning a property you thought the owner was going to redeem. Since you can’t inspect the property you’re buying real estate taxes on before bidding, you could end up the owner of a property that’s in dire need of repairs and actually lose money on the deal.The way to skirt those risks is to buy property directly from the owners – after tax sale. Most investors don’t realize it’s still legal to buy property during this time period, even though the deeds or liens have already been “sold”. This way, you can actually inspect the property before you buy it, and you catch the owners at just the right time, when they are most desperate to sell.The best technique to use at this point in the game is to offer to buy deeds for little to no money down, and offer to give the owner a percentage of the proceeds when you sell. Owners that have decided to just let the property go are instant “yeses” for these kinds of deals, and those that are dying to sell don’t have much other choice.Then, once you have the property deeded to you, you simply flip to another investor before the redemption period is up. You never even have to record the deed in your name, much less pay the taxes if you don’t want to. Price the property high enough that you make a nice $5,000-$10,000 (or more) profit, but low enough so that it is still far enough below market value to attract a buyer within days. Having only invested $100-$200 for the initial deed purchase, this is very easy to do.The recession has caused a huge number of people to fall into foreclosure. There’s never been a better time to try your hand at “deed grabbing,” even if you’ve been trying to buy real estate taxes until now. Try this technique, and you could make ten times more than you planned this year.